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Why biblical counseling?

We understand that life can be full of hardships and struggles. In fact, Jesus told his disciples in John 16:33 that they can expect struggles in this world. His words are true for you and I today, but Jesus didn’t stop there. He goes on to tell his disciples that there is hope and help through Jesus and the power of the gospel. Through biblical counseling, we help you apply God’s truth to life’s struggles for your good and His glory.

What is biblical counseling?

Biblical counseling begins with the truth that God’s word is sufficient for every need of the human soul (Ps.19:7-14).
Not only does God’s word pierce every barrier man builds within himself, God’s word is able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart (Heb. 4:12).
Therefore, only a personal ministry centered on Christ and anchored in Scripture can offer hope and help for lasting change.
At Harvest, we provide compassionate counseling, full of grace and truth, as we walk with you through life’s struggles.

If you would like more information on the foundations of biblical counseling, read the Biblical Counseling Coalition Confessional Statement.

here are some frequently asked questions

Is there a cost for counseling?

No. Biblical counseling is provided to those in need as a part of the ministry of Harvest Bible Chapel Traverse City.

Who will I receive counseling from?

Your counselor will be a certified biblical counselor who has received extensive training.

How do I get started?

Download the forms below or call the church office and request the biblical counseling intake forms. When you have them completed, return them to the church office and you will be contacted to schedule an appointment.

Do I have to attend Harvest to receive biblical counseling?

No. Biblical counseling at Harvest is available to anyone who desires it.

I have to work during the day, do you offer counseling in the evening?

Yes. You and your counselor will schedule a mutually agreeable time to meet.

Where will my counseling take place?

Our counseling takes place at Harvest Bible Chapel Traverse City.

Do you offer child care?

No, we do not. You will need to arrange childcare prior to your counseling session.

What types of problems do you offer counseling for?

God’s word speaks to any problem or struggle one might encounter in life. Some common issues we deal with would include anger, depression, anxiety, conflict, substance abuse, pornography, marriage and parenting issues just to name a few.

How long is a typical session?

You should plan on 60 to 90 minutes for your session.

Ready to get started? 

Download the forms below. When you have completed them, return them to the church office by mail (1669 S Garfield, Traverse City, MI 49686) or by emailing filled out forms ( and you will be contacted to schedule an appointment.

Looking for some helpful resources for life's struggles?

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